The Why, The How and What You Can Do About Ageing Skin


The Why, The How and What You Can Do About Ageing Skin

A very unhealthy environment and lifestyle can add years of premature ageing to your skin. There are very few of us who are unaffected, living in South Africa. We have a harsh climate, live in polluted cities, live very full and pressured lives at speed, and eat on the run.

Proper skin care goes a long way giving back what our environment takes away. We look in the mirror and suddenly – we have aged! How did that happen?? Fine lines that we never noticed before have etched into deeper grooves, our skin tone is uneven with brown and red marks (some more noticeable than others), and our jaw line has become slack, soft and loose, and our eyes. …Oh! Let’s not get started – bags, ruched skin…

Our environment has a greater impact on our skin than our genes. Think about it – your climate, pollution, diet, smoking, sun exposure, sleep patterns and stress – they are daily influences. Maybe this is a good time to consider which of these elements you can change and to what degree, to lower the benchmark of your ageing. Did you know that smoking makes your skin look at least 3 years older? Excess sun exposer, 6 times and poor sleep, 2.5 years.

Reading this, it is possible for one to become disheartened. All is not lost. Despite the interaction between our genes and our environment, there are steps to take to preserve the nature of beautiful, younger looking skin. There is hope!

Your choice of skin care has a really powerful impact. Why? It is a twice-daily application of power! A question all too often asked, is “what is the difference between this product and that product?” A key difference in products that are professionally driven and those that are not, is one of active ingredients and the percentages of them in your product. The delivery systems of those particular ingredients and the compilation of them is what drives the efficacy of that product. How is it changing your skin? That’s what you want it to do, right? Isn’t the fuel you put into your car specific? You wouldn’t want your engine to seize would you? Exactly! Just because your face isn’t going to ‘blow up’, do you really not want to take care of your face with the exact consideration as your car? You can’t trade your skin in for a newer model and you have no insurance on your skin. YOU are the insurer of your skin and you have it for LIFE!

Choosing products is enough to give you a headache! There are so many! We live lives with purpose. We make constructive choices. Some of these choices are about the professionals we have in our lives because we don’t have the knowledge and expertise in every field in life. You are not going to service your car yourself. You are not going to defend yourself in court or build your own house. You put the energy into your own profession and choose other professionals to give you value and expertise in the rest.

We, your skin therapists, are your expertise in one of your most valued assets – your skin! Consistent consultations, progressive treatments and reviewing of homecare to suit your skin’s ever changing needs, is what we do well. To get a healthy-looking skin at any age, it is imperative to evolve your skin routine according to your lifestyle and environment.

Your treatments you have on a regular basis have a dramatic effect on your skin. No matter how well we look after our own car, we cannot achieve what they do when they service our car. It is a solid reason why you need to consider, just how professional the Skin Care Centre is that you ‘take your skin to? What are the products that get used? What is the variety of equipment that is on offer to treat your skin? Are they knowledgeable and trained? What is their hygiene protocol? Equipment, knowledge, products are so important. Why? Your skin is going to change. Do they have the tools and expertise to give you the best treatment as it changes or goes through disaster patches because of hormonal changes (hello Menopause or Puberty or Stress) – are they well equipped to take on your challenges?

Choose to take your skin to the most professional and well -equipped establishment. Build a relationship so you have your ‘GO –TO’ therapist at any time, because life and your skin are unpredictable!

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