Our Healing Industry


Our Healing Industry

As our world becomes more disordered, diseased and human beings more distressed and unwell, it highlights the fact that there is a greater need for healing and restoration on all levels.  This task appears quite daunting.

As they say, all things begin with a singular step. There is so much encouraging change that is happening in the world, but I would like to talk about our industry.  Because it has always been there, it can tend to be overlooked within the realms of healing, because people just want to pop a pill and hurry on with their lives.


We work with the skin. The largest organ of our body is the connection between our ‘outer’ and our ‘inner’ worlds.  Your point of contact. It is a powerful neurotransmitter. What you physically feel, your body responds to, creating significant change, not only on a tissular level, but muscular and hormonal as well.


We, the skincare professionals, learn to read your skin, listen to your body. That tells us a great deal about you. Our industry is a powerful healing force. It is sadly also one of the few contexts in which touching is socially acceptable. Touch is an essential to basic communication, which is largely overlooked in today’s times of online interaction. A lot of people love online shopping (it is so easy, they say), but still, they choose not to remove all forms of tangible communication. There is a sub conscious driven need of tactile fulfillment  which highlights why “online” is not a cut above the rest and doesn’t create a sense of total satisfaction. It is a part of our needs in this time-driven world, but our souls need to be recognized and fulfilled too.


During our time of lockdown, this need is being highlighted by many. Especially for those who live alone. We need people. We crave touch. It does something positive to our brain chemistry. It makes us happy. It makes us feel good. It gives us a sense of belonging, and yes, community. We are not designed to be alone.


Our purpose as therapists at NATURAL EXPRESSIONS is not only to create a harmonious environment for you in which to have your treatments, but also to change how your cells and nerves behave in their communication. The multiplicicity of neurotransmitters that are affected in a singular facial treatment is inspiring. Not only do the creams, technologies and methodologies have an effect, but the way in which our hands COMMUNICATE with your skin, creates a conversation all of its own.


What drives us to be passionate about our industry, is that it is about healing and communication. We all have a story to tell, and we don’t need to be compelled to talk in order to narrate it. Make time for our healing hands. Human touch is powerful.

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